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why everything needs to be wrong with me? i just want my dream comes true and have a happy life but i don't have any lucky and my family is not that nice wto me.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with you dear. Maybe try finding some new friends. I understand your family might not be that great so maybe you should separate yourself a bit and find some people you can relax with.

i'm so sad and i need a hug from you :( i hate my life!!!

Aww it’s ok!! *hugs* there there :( life can be a bitch I’m sorry you’re upset :(


From the main site updated the information from the Diancie Event: 

 It will be distributed in theaters from July 19 until Sept. 30 via wireless connection during the 17th movie: Diancie & The Cocoon of Destruction. Diancie will be level 50, and will come in a Cherish Ball. It will be holding a Normal Gem, and will have the moves Diamond Storm, Reflect, Moonblast and Return.

Source: Pokemon.JP 

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What is the second GIF of the "Pokemon are not tools of war" post from? I'm guessing it's that crossover game for the 3DS?

Pretty sure that gif was in one of the pokemon movies I believe



I suppose I’ll post pics since he’s technically finished now. Meet Merry the Noibat, my newest little creation. He is fully poseable with a wire armature, sculpted head and feet, and a soft body. He is hand sewn, which was the biggest problem for me cos I really stink at sewing. It took a few days of working on and off to complete the little fella, and he’s more of a prototype than a complete thing, I guess…

He is amazing. I would love to have one of my own. <3

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