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If you play Pokemon X and Y and you are intending on getting a shiny Gengar from the Gengar event at GameStop, PLEASE READ THIS POST!

I went to GameStop today intending to get my free shiny Gengar (as all of the posters said, free. FREE as in NO PURCHASE NECESSARY) and the employee behind the counter told the customer in front of me that they could only get a card for a shiny Gengar if they pre-ordered Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. That sounded like really shady bullshit to me, so I got out of line, eyed the poster, saw absolutely nothing about pre-ordering being necessary, said “bullshit,” and left. Later, I googled the event and found an entire reddit thread of people who had the same experience. On this thread, I discovered that GameStop said on its own Facebook page that there is no purchase necessary, and that evidently, some stores have been told to tell customers they had to pre-order. Surprise surprise, GameStop has shitty business practices. Someone on the thread eventually found a store with a manager that insisted that they were supposed to be free and that the other stores were scamming customers.

If this happens to you, DO NOT pay for anything. GameStop is a terrible business as we all know and they do not need your pre-order money. Show them the poster IN THEIR OWN STORE that says “no purchase necessary,” or if it doesn’t, pull up this picture on GameStop’s Facebook page in which it says no purchase necessary on the poster.

I reported this store to Nintendo’s customer service, and they were totally on my side. They said that there is absolutely no purchase or pre-order necessary, they took the store’s information, and took my information in case they need to verify anything more with me. She said that if I know of any other stores that are doing this to report them as well. They even took my serial number just in case they can get me a code directly. Nintendo customer service 10/10. GameStop 0/10.

Here’s Nintendo’s number in case the same thing happens to you: 1-800-255-3700. I don’t recommend calling GameStop, because you never know whether they’re going to be unbiased about it. Nintendo, on the other hand, wants people’s free Pokemon to be free.

Please tell other people about this so they don’t get scammed. Goddamn I hate GameStop.

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Pokemon of the week on Pokegraph’s Oekaki

You know that “Germy” come from “Germignon”, the french name of Chikorita ?

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Pumpkin Pals

Available as a bunch of things here.

Also available as a wall scroll, send me an ask or a note on deviantart for details on sizing and pricing.

Patreon Supporters receive high-res images for their own use.

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"What, are you going to be playing video games when you’re in your thirties?"

Uh, yeah.

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Artist: ICanReachTheStars

Website: DeviantArt | Other

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PokéHalloween: Day 13 - A Pokemon that makes you smile

I love Gothita and all of their evolutions so much, you have no idea. Gothitelle is my #1 waifu forever and ever They’re making those galaxy candy apple things, too. (´ω`★)

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*cough* You, uh, probably don't care, but those ages for James and Jessie are wrong. Translation error. In the original Japanese M02, Jessie said Ash and Misty were "ten years too young" for lovey-dovey stuff, and then James added that he and Jessie were "five years too late." So Ash/Misty=10, ideal age for love=20, and Jessie/James=25. So yep, they're definitely not teens. :)


oh!! you never know it with anime


fat bats

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ok, so first of all, where is flygons mega

second of all, there is no second of all, where the fuck is flygons mega