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Mega ghosts at the Tokyo Pokemon Center

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don’t you hate it when you’re trying to eat and the pokémon sitting near you won’t stop staring at your food? 

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Oh boy, shading each frame was more work than I thought.

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Spinda Brothers!

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Well today is gonna be a shitty day. Woke up and within 3 mins I was pissed.


Sleeping Ninetales with its hidden ability = grass type rave party

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Hoenn calls

bye suckers

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Pikachu what the fuck is your problem

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Pokémon natural history illustration, grass version! A new print just in time for Anime Expo this weekend :)

So, I guess this is my official announcement!! I have two tables at AX this year, come find me in the artist alley at A55 and A56. I’m selling my prints as per usual, but this year I’ll also have a lot of new jewelry and accessories I’ve been working on. Please come, buy stuff or just say hi! >3<

Hope to c u there, qts!!!


Natural History pt I: Bug Pokémon

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Remember when I said I’d kill you last? I lied.

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↑this year

↓last year

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