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New starters!
Which one will you choose?

(Also, you can buy prints of these drawings.)

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How does this even happen? I have to get most legendaries beaten to an inch of their life, asleep, with every button pressed and my first born sacrificed for some catches. And TPP just throws a ball at full HP and catches a fucking shiny Zekrom like it aint even a thing.


There is a .0000014% chance of this happening, I can’t fucking believe it

Zekrom and Reshiram have ridiculously high catch rates for legies (45) because you’re supposed to catch them, so the developers purposefully made it as easy as possible to catch them with minimal effort. They’re easier to catch with a regular Pokéball than a lot of random Pokémon. Infact, they have the same catch rate as Aipom and a higher catch rate than Ditto.

Yep, sigilyph is right. But getting a shiny Zekrom is nice damnnn

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Nintendo World NYC - Pokemon Center July 2014

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Houndour and Houndoom. I hope everyone’s had a good Halloween!

Edit: Oh wow, somehow I thought Halloween had already happened. WELL. If for some weird reason you celebrated Halloween last month, I hope you had a good accidentally-early-Halloween.

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014 Kakuna!
Nowhere near as intense as Metapod… but also animated :3 

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sableye… a very spooky pokemon…..

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Long overdue post.

Feel free to visit my twitter, instagram, or the Drawings of Pokemon facebook page for updates and works in progress!

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Inspired by the popular Manga/Anime/Video game that’s been around for years, Pokemon

Be a Pokemon master and restore 100HP to your Pokemon.

Created by SuperSiriusXIII and for sale on Etsy Here

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transparent big dumb shiny dragon baby for all your blogging needs

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So I hear all the cool kids are doing screencap redraws

I saw this screenshot from Pokemon Origins and something about it was pretty badass. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, it was fun!

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